Why Grower Support?

Grower Support is a progressive web application that will save your business thousands of dollars each year in reduced administration time and costs.

Here's a few other benefits...

We'll keep your farm up to date with the latest record keeping requirements


So you can feel confident and organised

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Record keeping

Eliminate paper records

Reduce administration costs

Innovate and improve your business practices

Intuitive record forms that adapt to your entries


Quick & easy audit preparation

One-click report generation

Reduce stress and costs by streamlining your audits and compliance inspections

Integrate and manage corrective action reports

Print and save as PDF for external storage if needed

Data and records kept in the system for 7 years


Customised to your business

Select the schemes and government regulations relevant to your business

Streamlined forms to eliminate duplicate record creation

Generate and manage internal corrective action reports

Customised forms available, contact us for a quote


Secure & accountable data

Ensure accurate and accountable data entry

Customisable & secure passcodes for each user

User administration 'dashboard' for housekeeping and alerts for outstanding records


Meet Jennifer

"I saw this was a problem for farmers and wanted to do something that would actually help"

With a background in government policy, resource management and compliance, Jen manages the background of Grower Support to ensure it has everything farmers need to demonstrate their compliance with all regulations, programs and schemes. 

She loves meeting farmers and helping them better manage their records and prepare for audit. After conducting one too many compliance audits, she is enjoying being on the other side of the process and wants to ensure farmers are confident and organised heading into their next audit.

Jen is also the human behind our chat feature, so if you have any questions, feel free to say hello!


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