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what makes Grower Support an all-in-one horticultural compliance management platform?
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digital forms and checklists

  • pre-built forms and checklists

  • eliminate paper use on farm

  • intuitive forms that adapt to your entries

  • no need to duplicate records

  • assign forms to workers

  • electronic signatures


every regulation

  • over 60 regulations, programs and schemes

  • e.g. Freshcare, SQFI, HARPS, Interstate Certification Assurance Scheme, Environmental, Fair Farms, Biosecurity, Organic Certification

  • new and updated regulations added as needed


audit preparation

  • internal audit completed in minutes

  • verify records and documents

  • produce a pdf for auditor or give access to digital version


inventory management

  • create asset groups and individual assets

  • keep track of quantities, dates, batch numbers and other info

  • assign checklists to assets


corrective action register

  • farm workers or admin can raise non-conformances

  • add auditors correction action requests

  • include notes/updates

  • admin to progress and close out report

  • due date dashboard reminders


document management

  • assign documents to regulation/s

  • attach documents to forms and checklists (e.g. photos, speadsheets, pdf, receipts)

  • disable documents no longer relevant or expired


customisable reminders

  • audit reminders

  • general reminders (e.g. tasks, meetings)

  • corrective action reminders

  • form completion

  • form validation


unlimited users

  • farm admin users with access to dashboard and all features for complete record management

  • farm worker users with simplified version with form and checklist completion, raise non-conformance, view inventory and history

  • add and remove unlimited users as necessary 

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