Streamlined record creation and one-click audit preparation for all your government regulation, food safety & quality and market access schemes. 

Helping farmers get back into the paddock

Agricultural compliance management software that is...



One-click audit report generation; reducing your preparation time from weeks to seconds.


Individual user access for your employees provides you secure and accountable records.



Offline record entry in the field or shed, uploads your data when you've returned to service.



Integrated with customisable business management reminders and corrective action reports, gives you all the tools for business improvement.


Farmers do not have the time to create and maintain the records that are required of them to comply with market access requirements and food safety & quality standards. The Grower Support App will streamline the record keeping and audit preparation process, saving both time and money so that farmers can get back in the paddock.


Our Customers

If you are a horticultural farmer who needs to comply with a Global Food Safety Initiative and Interstate Certification Assurance schemes, the Grower Support App is for you.

Trusted by Australian Farmers.

We can also create customised record forms for your business. Contact us to see how we can help.

GFSI Approved Base Schemes

Harmonised Australian Retailer Produce Scheme

Interstate Certification Assurance Scheme

Government Mandatory Records


How Are We Helping?

It's our mission to help you keep compliant by providing all your record keeping requirements in an easy-to-use and mobile software. The Grower Support App will provide innovation to your business to improve the way you keep and manage records.